Men’s Body Type Categorized Into Four Types


Men with this body type have the same breath as their hips and waist. If you have a rectangular body, you should try to widen the shoulders and narrow the lower torso.


Wide shoulders, cumbersome arms, thin  abdomen that’s more, hips, solid thighs,  round butt, thin  calves.  Presently we should perceive how to dress appropriately such a well proportioned body.


Triangular shaped men have an mesomorphs body classification, which is often a slender. Figure with narrow shoulders and chest, low fat mass,  a long neck and sloping shoulders.

Inverted Triangle

Three-sided formed men have an ectomorphs body order, which is  in many cases a slim figure with tight shoulders and chest, low fat mass, a long neck and  slanting shoulders.


A completely round shape with limited bears and thin legs..You are an OVAL Formed BODY!

  1. Upper shoulders and arms are more grounded. Round gut.
  1.  Legs are slimmer in contrast with the upper half Fuller face and short neck.