Excotic Fruits And Their Healthy Benefits

Fruits are tasty, juicy, drool-worthy and full of health benefits. But the moment we say fruits what pops up in your mind? We are sure it must range from either a mango, banana to either an orange or grapes. For some, it might even be papaya or a melon.


STAR FRUIT: The fruit is fairly low in calories, which is very good but on the other  hand is rich in antioxidants and  vitamins that are required for your  well-being.

JUNGALI JALEBI: The fruit has a lot of Vitamin E that helps delay your skin’s ageing process. It might not altogether stop it but it does reduce the signs of ageing.

PHALSE: The juice extracted from phalse helps in treating stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. Other stomach related issues like sour burping and respiratory troubles like hiccups get solved by drinking a glassful of warm phalsey juice combined with ginger.

BUDDHA’S HANDS: The fruit does a wonderful job of easing inflammation in the stomach lining and reduces the chances of inflammation turning into something more serious like an ulcer.