8 Foods that Look Like Organs They Benefits


Yes, carrots look nothing like our eyes at first glance. They shouldn’t be on this list.


A bunch of grapes and the alveolar in the lungs look alike. And for a good reason. Grapes are synonymous with good respiratory health.


This humble root closely resembles our main digestive organ – the Stomach – and is known to aid in digestion,

Body Cells

If you hate chopping onions because they make you cry, here’s some information to cheer you up.


One of the most apparent resemblances between food and the human body can be seen in walnuts.


Just like the heart, a tomato is also red, but the similarity doesn’t end there.


Next on our list is a humble and unassuming vegetable found in most pantries – the sweet potato.


You may have noticed that the stalks of a bunch of celery closely resemble our bone.