7 Sips To Alleviate Sleep Induced Neck Stiffness

Apply Ice or Heat Therapy: Applying ice shortly after a Neck Strain  May Help Limit The Swelling. Heart Therapy Such As Taking & Warm Shower Or Using A Heating Pad. Helps Loosen And Relax The  Muscles.

Practice Stretching or Self Massage: Loosening of the muscles and ligaments may  beached with some stretching and  massage. The goal is to gradually increase the flexibility without causing more pain.

Adjust Sleep Position:Stomach sleeping puts stress on the spine because the head is pushed to one side or the other. It i recommended to sleep on the back to put the least amount of stress on the spine.

Take Over The Counter Medication: If the pain and stiffness are bad enough to significantly limit movement in one or more directions, taking an over the counter medication may be advised.

Find The Right Pillow: No one type of pillow is best for everyone, side  sleepers may benefit from placing a pillow  between the knees. Finding the right pillow involves some trial and error.

Modify Activities: If stiffness prevents significant amounts of  movement. Or is exhibiting sharp or burning pain,  it is advised to  avoid any strenuous  activities and limit movements that increase pain.